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The Helwig Insurance Agency has been dedicated to serving the insurance needs of Indiana County and all of Western Pennsylvania for more than 75 years. Our Agency operates under the same guiding principles that our founder, Wilfred E. Helwig, established when he opened his office in 1927:  quality insurance products, superior customer service, and fair pricing. Today, we meet the diverse needs of our clients with a complete range of products, including personal home and auto as well as commercial coverage. It is our mission to become long-term partners with our clients in protecting what’s important to them.

Working with the Summit Group has been a natural fit for our Agency. The Group shares, and thus strengthens, two of our primary goals: remaining on the leading edge of industry trends while we find new and better ways to serve our clients. This outstanding network of insurance professionals shares our desire to expand, and everyone involved works hard toward our common goals. The Summit Group has not only enhanced my bottom line through incentives and contingencies, but has become a true support system, and instrumental to our success! I encourage you to consider joining the Summit Group of PA, and would welcome your questions. I can be reached at 724-465-5514.

Connie Bence, Owner, Helwig Insurance Agency, Indiana PA

Helwig Insurance Agency
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